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A few type cases and cabinets for sale

June 29, 2010

Last week we acquired a super fantastic amazing collection of wood type. That means that other type has to leave. We also have a lot of empty type cases and 2 type cabinets for sale.

The type is mostly pied (jumbled) so buyer beware. You have a fair amount of sorting in your future. Mostly California Job Cases with a few 3/4 Cases thrown in for good measure.

Also for sale, a standing height industrial desk, 3 chairs and a 10 foot wood shelf (two 5 ft sections that have biscuit joinery).

So, give me a call or stop by and make an offer. Show me a picture of your type in coffee cans and I’ll cut you a deal.


614 – 787 – 5528

T-F 9-2

holiday hours on Sat, July 3 (10-12)

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  1. July 11, 2010 11:58 pm

    oooh! it all looks so great! i wish i could buy it from you (especially since we talked about it before). oh well… without a house to put it in at the moment, it seems like a foolish purchase. maybe in the future i’ll be able to really buy it from you!

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