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Make it at the Market

May 11, 2012


Head’s up! The Worthington Farmer’s Market begins this Saturday! This is our favorite time of year here at Igloo, where the streets are bustling with people buying amazing produce and baked goods and we get to meet new friends visiting the studio.


Many people have joined us on Saturdays throughout the year for our drop-in projects that included printing your own personalized stationery, posters, or making a little book. We have added many more projects to our Make it at the Market series for this Summer’s drop ins, and are excited to introduce you to them.


This Summer, we’ll be celebrating our love of miniatures with a series of projects great for all ages! We even have free fun projects for the littlest hands in the group. Visit for the full schedule.  Our first project is perfect for Mother’s day, where you can print beautiful stationery for the most important women in your life. Stop by between 9 and 5, print 15 cards with matching envelopes for $30, and you are all set for Sunday.


Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2012

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On Saturday night we hosted our annual Valentine printing party. Igloo was full of sweet love as we printed for grandparents, lovers and friends. We made cards for pets and from pets.

It was awesome. This is a community full of creative, gracious and FUN people. We are thrilled to be a part of it.

Remember to share a little love every day. It is the bits of sweetness and kindness that keep us connected.

We would love to host a printing or bookbinding party for you at Igloo. Give us an idea of what you would like to make and we can price things out for you.


Getting The Job Done – Quality Control

February 3, 2012

Hello! I’m Masha, and I’m the new intern at Igloo Letterpress. I am a senior in High School at the Linworth Alternative Program. For the second semester of our senior year,  we all go on two 8-week long internships throughout the world. I am not-so-secretly in love with printing, so I was instantly drawn here! Everyone is very nice, and every day brings an exciting new challenge.

I’ve learned a lot so far since my first day nearly two weeks ago, and I thought that it would be interesting to share some of the things we do to get an order ready to go.

Quality control is just what it sounds – we go through all of the printed pieces and make sure that they live up to our standards. Some factors include lining up the crop marks, consistent color, and crisp lines. I’m going to show some examples of a printing of business cards that we recently did for Fine Citizens, a web design company. Their cards had a lot of elements that we wanted to get just right, so there were a few cards thrown out during the quality control stage.

Let’s first take a look at the perfect Fine Citizens card, one that passed every test we could throw at it:

Just look at that. There’s still little bit of texture in the orange fill, and everything is lined up perfectly. Ah.

The edges on the back are nice and crisp, what a joy to look at!

Here are some examples of ones that didn’t make it and the reasons why:

This card is the most obvious example in this post. Each color is applied one at a time on press, and this card is from the test sheet that is used to line up the crop marks for the second color.  It was used to get the darker second color aligned with the rest of the image, and so the shadows and Fumi’s last name are completely off.

Here the shadow for “Fine Citizens” is not as obvious as in the last example, but still off enough that we considered the card a dud.

The “fine” in “” is not fine at all. It’s all filled-in and not crisp in the slightest.

We were even more scrupulous about finding those kinds of little mistakes. We even rejected these:

Each project requires ink to be added in different amounts to maintain the color consistency.  It can be a little difficult to get the perfect color every time. Here I’ve juxtaposed 3 different cards so you can see what I mean:

The shade in the middle is the one we were going for. Many cards were taken out because they were either too light or too dark.

Isn’t it interesting to see the little messups that letterpress can make? I find it fascinating and somewhat charming. While here at Igloo we might be a bit picky with what we give out as the final product, it is very understandable why we do it. Igloo Letterpress has standards to uphold, and we can’t just sell products that printed willy nilly! And especially with a brand like Fine Citizens, which is so dependent on its signature color, there’s only so much deviation that we can do with the orange background.

So were you surprised with how different the prints in letterpress come out? I have to admit, I was a little at first, but it makes more sense now that I know that I know the production process. In fact, in the next couple of weeks I’ll be sharing different parts of the process with you, so stay tuned! And if you ever want to come by and say hello, I would love to gush and chat with you. I am here every day when Igloo is open, and I would love if you could come and visit.

Igloo Summer Treasure Sale: 7/16 9am-4pm

July 12, 2011

Taking our cue from Worthington’s Treasure Sale on the Green this weekend from 9-4 in Old Worthington, we are having our own Summer Treasure Sale at Igloo, and including our friends from Wholly Craft, Baby Gee’s, Felted Woolies, K&L Design, and MANY MORE!

So, how did this come about? Well, we have been organizing like crazy around here! After receiving some BEAUTIFUL new furniture, we were able to streamline our studio, letting us expand our workshop/class area and organize our new wholesale lines after our great trip to the National Stationery Show in May.

This has unearthed some amazing treasures, don’t you know? We have boxes of cards, books, kits, and furniture, all waiting to go to good homes and leave room for the ideas that are bursting out of our heads!

A logical conclusion surfaced: hold a clearance sale, and invite our friends! The idea for this event is to help crafters, collectors, letterpress/printing enthusiasts, artists, and others clear out their crafting/art studios of extra products, supplies, machinery, tools, etc… to leave room for creating more art and crafts!

Here are just a few of the beautiful items we will have our our sale table, and we’re finding new things every day!

Stop down on Saturday, take a look at the Worthington Treasures on the Green event and stop by our Summer Treasure Sale – you never know what you’re going to find!

A little family history and a trip to San Diego’s Bay Park Press

February 25, 2011

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As many of you know, Igloo Letterpress was named by my husband’s maternal grandmother.  Grandma Beardwood was a lifelong Californian with a dry sense of humor.  Young newlyweds buying a house in Minnesota for a printing press made no sense to her.  She took to calling our house our igloo and the name has stuck with us through 15 years and a move to Ohio.

When our daughter was born in 2004 we took a trip to meet the California relatives.  Grandma took a trip with us to the beach as we dunked our three-month old Ava’s toes in the water.    Although Grandma Beardwood has passed away, we decided that we would continue this tradition.   We took a long President’s Day weekend to introduce Adam to our California friends and family.  It is hard to believe that this was Adam’s first trip to California and he is already 2.5 years old.  We had a great visit.

Of course, no vacation is complete without visiting another printer’s workshop.  On previous visits I visited Elum and San Diego Book Artist Kathy Miller.  This trip featured a visit to Bay Park Press with my California family, Anne and Amelia Chapman.   If you are in the area, I encourage you to register for a workshop.  I am encouraged to see an artist’s printshop running for 11 years!  Thanks to Sibyl and Jim for showing us your beautiful books and paper quilts.

Print Your Own Letterpress Valentines!

January 17, 2011

We are super excited to share a little love and open our letterpress shop to you!  A big thank you to Country Living for featuring our shop in this month’s issue.  We hope you will be able to join us to create a special valentine for your friends and family!

When: Saturday, February 5 and 12; 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Where: Igloo Letterpress, 39 West New England Ave, Worthington, OH  43085  (614-787-5528)

How:  We have a collection of images and different fonts that you will use to design a valentine.   We will have three presses set with different colors of red and pink ink. You will select a color, an image and tell us what you would like the card to say (up to 6 words).  We will typeset your valentine and you will get to use our press!

Don’t forget your camera to catch that happy smile as you see the finished product!

Who: This activity is appropriate for adults as well as kids 4+ who attend with an adult.  (A note to parents:  this is an active print shop with 19th century printing equipment and paper cutters.  Don’t forget to have that valuable “see with your eyes” chat in the car!  We will have rubber stamps and coloring projects for younger siblings.)

Cost:  First Card is $6, multiple copies are $2 each  (cash, check, Visa or MC accepted)

If you would like to make more than 10 cards, or would like to design a custom card, please email me at for special pricing.

Stop in to our neighboring shops and restaurants while you are visiting Igloo.  There are great ideas for your Valentine at our boutique shops.  Create your own candle at Candle Lab, pick up a bottle of wine at House Wine, a gift certificate to the Worthington Inn, maybe even cupcakes and ice cream!

We can’t wait to see what you create!

House Wine tomorrow night!

January 12, 2011

We are super excited to visit our friends at House Wine this Thursday, January 12 for a wine tasting.  For $15 you can join in on the tasting of cool print related wines.  I won’t spill the beans here to tell you my favorite!

House Wine

644 High Street

Worthington, OH, 43085

6-9 p.m.


You will be able to shop a sampling of Igloo cards and books as well as view invitation samples for those of you planning weddings and Spring events.  I will also have a giveaway of Igloo goodies.

If you have not visited House Wine before, join me tomorrow night.  The staff are so helpful and knowledgeable. It is a great place for both aficionados and beginners!  I feel pretty lucky to have such an amazing selection to browse on my walk home from work.